PDU-39 Head-Up Display

Speel’s Pilot Display Unit (PDU-39) is a fully digital, raster-based Head-Up Display (HUD) with a 23° total field of view. The unit features continuous built-in-test for instantaneous system status monitoring. The up-front control panel (UFCP) such as the one featured here* is a separate LRU that mounts on the PDU-39 and connects electrically to Speel’s […]

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CARE crash-proof recorders

CARE is SPEEL’s latest generation crash-protected solid-state memory flight recorder, which complies with ED-56A crash survivability requirements. CARE unit communicates with other systems on boatd the aircraft (e.g. acquisition unit) via an Ethernet link or RS-422. The utilization of the Ethernet technology along with a legacy file system within the memory unit of the recorder

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Crash-proof recorders FDR-39 / FDR-59B-L

SARPP replacement FDR-39 recorders are offered in several versions as a direct replacement of obsolete emergency SARPP recorder. SARPP recorders were equipped with such jet trainer L-39 produced in Aero Vodochody or Russian helicopters Mi-8/17/24. Compared with the original system offers much better protection of the recordings, reliability and ease of use, and its installation requires only minor modifications to the airplane. BUR replacement FDR-59B-L recorder is designed to replace tape recorder BUR, which was installed such in the L-410. FDR-59 also provides better protection of recordings, high reliability

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Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder DVR-01 allows for recording two channels of video (HUD and MFD pictures usually) and flight data in a standard memory card Compact Flash. In combination with the software package PANDA, it provides user with an efficient tool for detailed mission debriefing. RELATED PRODUCTS

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Flight Data Acquisition Unit FDAU

Speel’s Flight data Acquisition Units (FDAU) come in different form factors and capabilities to accommodate various customers needs. All FDAUs are specifically designed to suitably connect to SPEEL’s FDRs. The FDAU acquires analog and discrete signals from various transducers onboard the aircraft as well as digital data from aircraft data bus (ARINC-429, MIL-STD-1553). These input

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COAD Aircraft Data Concentrator

Speel’s COencentrator of Aircraft Data (COAD in short) is an avionics system intended for unifying various types of flight information into a defined data stream for flight data processing and recording purposes. COAD can be connected to an IEEE 802.3 standard based Ethernet network onboard the aircraft and can be configured to gather information from

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PANDA Software

PANDA software is a modular software package designed to run under Windows operating system with a graphical user interface that allows the user to analyze and visualize in various ways actual flight data recorded by various types of flight recorders, Speel’s Aircraft Monitoring System (AMOS) and airborne mission recorders such as SPEEL’s AirMiS system. PANDA

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PMU-E Portable Memory Unit

The Portable Memory Unit (PMU-E) is intended for flight data downloading from Speel’s Flight Data Recorders of CARE type. It is used by the ground maintenance crew at the flight line, where it connects to Speel’s recording system onboard the aircraft through a dedicated connector and automatically communicates with CARE recorder and downloads the desired

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WPR Wireless Pocket Recorder

Speel´s WPR is a pocket-sized solid-state wireless recorder which is intended for recording flight data transmitted by its counterpart, the WPR´s transmitted unit (WPR-T) connected to a flight data acquisition unit (FDAU) onboard an aircraft. The WPR pocket recorder is useful for retrieving flight data quickly (no need for data downloading at the aircraft) and

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