PDU-39 Head-Up Display

Speel’s Pilot Display Unit (PDU-39) is a fully digital, raster-based Head-Up Display (HUD) with a 23° total field of view. The unit features continuous built-in-test for instantaneous system status monitoring. The up-front control panel (UFCP) such as the one featured here* is a separate LRU that mounts on the PDU-39 and connects electrically to Speel’s MP-39 Mission Computer to provide control functions of the PDU-39 such as brightness and displayed HUD modes. The PDU-39 unit is supplied as a single LRU and designed for rack-mounting, thus allowing for easy interchangeability and mechanical alignment, and connects to onboard power and avionics systems via a single Mil-specs connector located at the back of the unit.

PDU-39 Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (w/h/l):192 x 354 x 572 (mm)
Weight:< 9 kg (UFCP as seen on photo not included)
Power supply:18V ÷ 33V / 28VDC Typical per MIL-STD-704E
Power consumption:< 70W max. @ full brightness level
Operating temp. range:-40 °C ÷ +60 °C
Video input interface:HD-SDI
Total Field of View (TFOV):23°
Brightness:> 3500 ftL (valid for a 2-pixel line thickness)
Contrast:> 1.35:1 (against 10,000 ftL ambient) valid for a 2-pixel line thickness
Angular resolution:0.582 to 0.600 mrad per pixel
Eye motion box:140 x 50 mm (HxV)
MTBF:> 10 000 hours

* The UFCP featured in the PDU photo above is the Borsight’s Universal Management Unit (UMU). For UMU’s technical data, please visit Borsight, Inc. website at https://www.borsight.com.

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