Company Overview

  • Development and production of components of on-board recording and monitoring systems for aircraft and helicopters.
  • Development and production of Head-Up display system components.
  • Integration of data recording systems for airplanes and helicopters.
  • Development of universal software for flight data analysis, including training and operator training.
  • Development and production of electronic tachographs for rolling stock, including software for analysis of recorded data.

The company SPEEL PRAHA sro. (hereinafter referred to as SPEEL) was established in 1993 as a successor to the Department of Automation and Aeronautical Diagnostics, which was part of the Aviation Research and Testing Institute (VZLÚ) in Prague. Since the very beginning, it has been focused on technologically advanced solutions for on-board data recording systems for aircraft and helicopters of various categories. Its main advantage is the ability to provide the user with a complete system solution including all components installed on board the aircraft and ground equipment necessary for the analysis of recorded data and system maintenance.

SPEEL cooperates with aircraft manufacturers and maintenance companies in the implementation of individual business cases (eg. Aero Vodochody , Letecké opravny Malešice , Aircraft Industries ), with trading companies (eg Aero Trade as, PAMCO INT as ) and, after obtaining a permit to conduct foreign trade in military material area, expands the scope of its own business activities.

In addition to its aerospace activities, SPEEL also develops and manufactures electronic tachographs for rolling stock. The main business partners in this area are Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague , Siemens and Škoda Transportation as .

  • Replacements of older emergency recorders of Russian origin

SPEEL company is a supplier of FDR-39 and FDR-59 BL recorders for companies performing modernization and maintenance of aircraft, such as Aircraft Industries, Letecké opravny Malešice (LOM) or Letecké opravovne Trenčín. In cooperation with LOM, an on-board monitoring system (PMS) was developed for L-39 aircraft and Mi-8 / Mi-17 helicopters, which records a significantly expanded set of parameters compared to the original data recording system and can therefore be used not only as a source of data to investigate the causes of emergencies, but also to evaluate the current technical condition of the aircraft.

  • Development and production of components for on-board registration and monitoring systems

SPEEL developed and supplied an on-board monitoring system (AMOS) for L-159 aircraft produced by Aero Vodochody. He is currently developing and supplying an on-board monitoring system for modernized L-39 aircraft and the newly developed L-39NG aircraft for this major manufacturer of training and light combat aircraft.

  • Development and production of Head-Up display system components

SPEEL, together with Elya Solutions, has developed an Head-Up display system (HUD) primarily for L-39 aircraft as the optical part solver. Deliveries of serial systems for the modernization programs of this aircraft implemented by Aero Vodochody are already underway.

  • Design and integration of data recording systems for military combat aircraft, military transport aircraft and helicopters

Based on the end-user requirements, SPEEL has designed data logging systems for several types of combat aircraft, military transport aircraft and helicopters. In addition to the development and production of individual components, in cooperation with partners, SPEEL also ensured the integration of the system with the aircraft – i.e. the design and production of airframe parts and interconnection cabling, prototype installation and training of local staff.

Among the implemented projects, it is possible to mention the deliveries of a flight data recording system and voice communication for combat and transport aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF, implemented in cooperation with Aero Trade a.s.). In 2009, a contract was also concluded for the supply of a flight data recording and voice communication system for SA-342 Gazell helicopters with the Egyptian company Helwan Factory for Developed Industries (HFDI). SA-342 helicopters are operated by the Egyptian Air Force (EAF).

  • Deliveries of electronic tachographs for the Prague metro

SPEEL company is the exclusive supplier of electronic tachographs for new and reconstructed Prague Metro trains. Currently, tachographs of the RRM10 type are supplied, where a TFT LCD display is already used for data display. The parameters of the device are continuously modified according to the user’s requirements.


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