We provide warranty and post-warranty repair of all our products. The repair of products intended for civil aviation is undertaken according to Part 145 directives.


We offer the following ways of personnel training:

  • Operation and maintenance of equipment installed on the aircraft (“O” and “I” level maintenance).
  • Processing and evaluation of flight data records using our PANDA software suite.
  • Flight data retrieval after a crash – specialized training focusing on extraction of flight data from the FDR’s memory, which might be partially damaged during the aircraft accident.

The training is performed either at our facility or at the customer’s base depending on the terms of the agreement between SPEEL and the customer. We can provide the training in Czech, English, and Russian languages.


For users who haven’t taken the prescribed training and/or do not possess the required technical tools, or in case the recorder is severely damaged after the crash, the only option for data retrieval is to work with the FDR’s memory chips themselves. In this case we can offer our capabilities for data retrieval from the memory chips of the FDR. Upon reception of the damaged recorder, we are able within a couple of days to provide the customer the data extracted from the memory chips. SPEEL observes the confidentiality terms of such an activity.


We are able to co-operate with qualified partners for integration of our products with their aircraft platforms; that is, we provide complete installation kits comprising cable harnesses and, where necessary, airframe parts needed to install and connect our avionics boxes on the aircraft. This type of work is performed by our team of specialized technicians and engineers in co-operation with customer’s qualified personnel.

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