Advanced Airborne Data/Audio/Video Recording solutions
for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft

Company focus

Own know-how, proven solutions

The SPEEL PRAHA s.r.o. company focuses on technologically advanced solutions for on – board data recording systems for aircraft and helicopters of various categories. The main advantage of the company is the ability to provide the user with a complete system solution including all components installed on board the aircraft and ground equipment needed for the analysis of recorded data and system maintenance.

Recording Systems

Development and production of components of on-board recording systems for aircraft and helicopters.


Integration of data recording systems for airplanes and helicopters.


Development and production of electronic tachographs for rolling stock, including software for analysis of recorded data.

Head-Up Display

Development and production of Head-Up display system components.

Software Development

Development of universal software for flight data analysis, including training and operator training.


SPEEL PRAHA s.r.o. – Member of Association of the Czech Aerospace Industry

SPEEL PRAHA s.r.o. – Key Partners


Standards and audits

The company follows the valid ISO 9001 standards, maintains a high level of quality and regularly undergoes internal and external audits and obtains certificates for production and maintenance in the field of military and civil aviation.

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