PANDA Software

PANDA software is a modular software package designed to run under Windows operating system with a graphical user interface that allows the user to analyze and visualize in various ways actual flight data recorded by various types of flight recorders, Speel’s Aircraft Monitoring System (AMOS) and airborne mission recorders such as SPEEL’s AirMiS system.

PANDA software package can be operated under Windows XP and Windows 7. PANDA’s 3-D visualization module, called TRACE, supports various aircraft silhouettes including L39, L59, L159, L410, PZL W3A, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mig-21, Mig-29, Su-22 and Su-25. TRACE can accommodate any other type of aircraft based on customer requirements.

PANDA software capabilities and benefits:

  • Immediate access to flight data
  • Comprehensive flight data evaluation and analysis
  • Mission planning and mission de-briefing in 3-D using a single tool
  • Visualization of several aircraft silhouettes above a rendered 3D terrain
  • Visualization of airborne recorded video Views
  • Synchronization of video records with other flight data
  • Virtual cockpit instruments visualization and replay
  • 2-D map and high relief 3-D terrain display

When installed on SPEEL’s Mission De-briefing and Analysis PC-based Workstation (MDAW), PANDA software provides a complete solution for flight planning, mission replay and analysis, thus enabling pilots to train and improve their skills effectively.

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